Triple HD8 SU Carbs From Jaguar E-Type 4.2 Completely Restored

Triple SU HD8 carbs from a 4.2 E-Type, exactly as they arrived with us; click image to zoom in

These Jaguar E-Type Triple HD8 SU carbs came to us in a very sorry state, having been unloved for years, they were worn out, seized, corroded and plain ugly!

Step 1:Dissassembly

Brass float was corroded solid to the studIt was clear that we had a challenge on our hands when it came to disassembly. These once beautiful carbs, and arguably the sexiest carb set that SU ever produced, had obviously been stored either wet or in a very damp environment, maybe decades ago. Luckily for our trade client Automo, who specialise in very high qualifty restorations of E-Type Jaguars, here at Fix A Carb, we love a challenge!

Corroded fuel well

These carbs really did not want to come apart, fighting us at every step. You can see the amount of corrosion in the bottom of the fuel well and float chamber. The spring that was supposed to be there crumbled to dust!

Float chamber was thick with corrosion

Undaunted we pressed on and got them fully stripped down, without too many broken components, so we were able to move on to cleaning and inspection.

Step 2: Cleaning

The manifold was taken to a nearby soda blasting company to have the years of corrosion and burnt on grime removed to provide a uniform surface for later polishing. With that out of the way and progressing separately, we moved onto all the smaller components.

Before and after HD8 Carb Bodies

The bodies, float chambers, jet holders and float lids were all tumbled for 16 hours in a solvent solution with a very gentle smooth media. This has the effect of rolling back over 50 years of corrosion and staining to remove all the built up debris and make the components good as new.

Before and after HD8 float chambers

This tumbling process which we have been using and refining for over 25 years, thoroughly cleans all the components inside and out, without doing any damage to the delicate castings.
You can see the before and after photos for each component type in these pictures.

Before and after HD8 float valve lids
Before and after Jet housing assembly
All components ready for reassembly

E-Type 4.2 Triple HD8 complete carb and manifold assembly

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