UBA SU Carb from 1935 Morris 8 Completely Reconditioned

Just finished this very unusual 1″ UBA SU carb from a 1935 Morris 8 wedding car.

It was corroded, worn out and dirty, but as it was still giving faithful service at 83 years old, we decided to be nice and make it work properly and be beautiful again, while preserving the all important patina.

We were given the job just a few days before the car for was needed for the owners’ wedding so we were under a little pressure!

Here is to another 83 years happy motoring.

front and rear view of UBA SU prior to dismantling
side view of UBA SU prior to dismantling
UBA SU fully stripped for cleaning & inspection
UBA SU all parts sympathetically cleaned ready for reassembly
UBA SU throttle shaft and disc installed and centred
carefully lining up the throttle stop ready for drilling the shaft
gently clamping the throttle stop in position for drilling
Being over 80 years old, this carb has been rebuilt before, so I had 2 holes to choose from
successful drilling of throttle shaft ready for the throttle stop retaining pin
throttle stop retaining pin, pressed into position and secured using Loctite
checking the action of the throttle shaft
piston cleaned ready to accept the new needle
ready to fit the piston and dashpot
inspecting the location for the upper jet bearing
preparing the components of the jet bearing assemblies
upper and lower jet bearing assemblies ready to fit
initial fitting, to centre the jet is done without the adjuster spring, so far so good
jet centred, adjuster spring fitted and jet height set
choke lever assembly attached
preparing the components of the float chamber assembly
float lid assembled first, and float height set
float installed in chamber, and lid assembly fitted
this version has a tickler pin installed to aid with starting the vehicle
fully assembled, front and rear views
met up with the owner and his new wife who were showing the beautiful car at Brooklands Museum in Surrey
interiors were quite basic in 1935!
obligatory picnic basket
the original ‘operation manual’ survives with the car

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